Fated and Redemption are on sale!

Hey There Readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I’ve finally got something to share with all of you. The first being a SmashWords exclusive sale and the second being an update on what I’m writing next.

Number One: Fated and Redemption (books 2 & 3 in The Marked Series) are on sale for 75% off exclusively on SmashWords during their July Summer/Winter Sale. Awesome, right? With Marked (book 1) always priced at 99 cents, that means you could get the whole trilogy for around $3.00! That’s a savings of about $6.00 off regular retail price! Click here to take advantage of the sale before it ends at the end of July. Discount will be applied via code SSW75 at checkout. Need a refresher of what the series is about? Check out the mini blurbs under this awesome graphic I put together.



What could go wrong hanging out at a club with friends? Apparently a lot. Witnessing a murder, Hanna Harper is branded with a mystical symbol by the dying boy containing a secret powerful enough to bring about the apocalypse. Now fallen angels are after her and the secret she’s been entrusted to keep. And if they get it, the whole world just might end.


Simple and ordinary is the dream; complicated and terrifying is the reality. Branded with a new symbol Hanna fights tooth and nail and even fate itself to keep her best friend (The Chosen One) safe and on the right path as his powers set to awaken on his 18th birthday. But nothing is ever easy and Hanna questions whether or not we get to choose our own fate, or if it’s already been chosen for us.


Hanna did the only thing she could doโ€”she stabbed Jared through the heart to stop the apocalypse. But she was too late. The Fallen were released, and now that Jared has ascended, they intend on using his blood to complete their plan to end the world. Will Hanna be able to convince him heโ€™s not the monster he believes himself to be, or will he give into darkness and truly become The Destroyer?

Get them on SmashWords and feed your Inner Reader Beast today! ๐Ÿ™‚

Number Two: Updates! I’ve been busy putting together a new book/series for all you readers out there to sink your teeth into. Admittedly, it’s still on the rough side, but once it comes together it’s going to be great. Here’s a little hint on what it’s about. There will be nephilims, witches, vampires, hybrids, hunters, and a brewing war between the races over one central focus that could change everything.

Feeling intrigued? Keep your eyes peeled for future post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also why not join me online? You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, & GoodReads. You can also follow me on Amazon and Bookbub. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all I’ve got for now. Don’t forget to check out the SamshWords Exclusive Sale here, and as always Happy Reading!

T.L. McDonald


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