Hi Guys! Who here loves books filled with angels – fallen and heavenly, super human powers, sexy and scary vampires, demons, werewolves, magic, and of course, kick-butt heroines and the boys who fall for them? If this is you (it’s definitely me) then I’ve got a tasty treat to feed […]

Demons, Werewolves, & Guardians…Oh My!

Hi Guys, Over the last few days, I read Joshua’s Island by Patrick Hodges. This was a book that really got to me, as it dealt with the seriousness of bullying. Having some experience with bullying and abuse myself, I could easily relate to the two main characters of the […]

Joshua’s Island by Patrick Hodges

Hi ya’ll, (I’m feeling a little southern at the moment 🙂 ) One thing that I think all authors love, or at least I know I do, is reading reviews that lovely readers such as yourselves, leave on retailer websites, blogs, and goodreads. Now granted, not all reviews are sunshine […]

A Big Thank You To Reviewers

Hey Everybody, (And yes for all those out there who watch 2 Broke Girls, I totally said that phrase-in my head of course-in Sophie Kachinsky’s voice, lol.) Today I am back to share with you all another review of a great YA Fantasy book I just finished a few days […]

My Review of The Guardian, A Sword, & Stilettos by ...

Hello world, For all you lovely readers out there looking for the next great series to sink your teeth into, I highly recommend checking out The Iron Series by J.N. Colon. I myself was introduced to this series through a Facebook group I’m a member of, and I’m so glad […]

My Review of The Iron Series by J.N. Colon

Hi guys! Wow it feels like forever since I left a blog post. Okay, so it’s only been a little over a month, but in internet terms that’s probably like 3 years, lol. But now I have something exciting to tell you, hence my return to blog land. There is […]

Book Cover Competition!

Hi guys! Recently, a few authors and I collaborated and put together something sweet just for you lovely readers out there for Valentine’s Day…..A Super Awesome Paranormal Romance Ebook Sale hosted by An Alliance of Young Adult Authors via www.theyashelf.com, where every book is 99cents from Feb 12 – Feb […]

99 Cent Valentine’s Day Paranormal Romance Book Deals

Hi guys! Because Valentine’s day is coming up, I thought I’d put Fated, book 2 in The Marked series on sale for half off. That’s right, for a limited time you can get Fated for only $1.99! I hope you’re as super excited about this as I am! To get […]

Valentine’s Ebook Sale for FATED!!!

Howdy Folks, Today, having had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Adelle Yeung’s book The Cycle of the Six Moons: An Eclipsing Autumn, which is book 2 by the way in her series due to be released March 25, 2016, I thought I’d share my review. So without […]

The Cycle of the Six Moons: An Eclipsing Autumn

Hello everyone, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted–who knew that being an indie author would be so time consuming, what with the writing, editing, publishing, marketing, and lets not forget promoting, promoting, promoting, lol–but now I’m back and I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all! […]

Finally Getting With The Times ;)